All about cooking with tea

Welcome! Tea, in its many forms, is one of the oldest ingredients in the kitchen, though usually found only in pots and bags. We aim to change that with our book. We explain the techniques of cooking with tea in versatile starters, inspired main dishes, and tempting desserts, plus an array of intriguing beverages.


Explore the many possibilities of culinary tea, including producing tea concentrates, brines, braises, and smoking mixes; steeping leaves in cream, vinegar, vodka, and other liquids; and using the tea leaves themselves to add flavor and texture to both savory and sweet dishes. Try the Jasmine Dumplings; Green Tea-Lacquered Salmon; Tea-Rubbed Short Ribs; Earl Gray Crème Brûlée; or the Apricot-Oolong Champagne Cocktail.

Our book also covers the storied cultivation of tea—plantations, harvesting, withering, firing, and trade—along with steeping options and pairing suggestions for over two dozen styles of tea, complete with a sourcing guide for specialty tea products. Step outside the cup into a world of culinary possibilities with tea.